Fish and chips

08 Sep 2018 - 28 Oct 2018

To start off the new season Dürst Britt & Mayhew is proud to present a duo exhibition with new paintings and drawings by Jacqueline de Jong and Wieske Wester. Both from a different generation, they give their own specific twist to classical genres such as the food-still life and landscape painting. Besides new work, De Jong will also show works from the 1980s and 1960s. What connects these two painters is the energy of their brushstrokes and draughtsmanship as well as a seemingly fearless approach to their chosen medium and themes. The combination of Wester’s penchant for seafood and De Jong’s liking for potatoes makes for an intriguing juxtaposition.



Wieske Wester, Fish #6, 2017.

Charcoal and Indian ink on paper,
 50 × 70 cm.



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