Month: July 2022


(、ン、) (first version)

Alexandre Lavet’s work constantly seems to hover on the verge of presence and disappearance. He plays with the apparent homogeneity of exhibition spaces to uncover the details that mark the uniqueness and specificity of each place. It is these particularities that Lavet wants to bring to light, thereby slowing down the viewers’ gaze and making […]


Art Cologne

For the Collaborations section of Art Cologne 2022 Dürst Britt & Mayhew is proud to present a transhistorical dialogue between Dutch artists Paul Beumer (1982) and Willem Hussem (1900-1974).  What connects these two artists from different eras is their fascination for nature and landscape, which they both turn into an abstract and colourful visual language. […]


Frontspace: Worms

In his artistic practice Polish artist Piotr Łakomy explores the relationship between the human body, architecture, and the environment. For his first solo exhibition in The Netherlands he will present a new series of intimate works, some of which contain silkworm cocoons.  Łakomy is known for using both organic and industrial materials in his work, […]