Month: November 2021


Orienting Around

’Orienting Around’ brings together the work of Yeşim Akdeniz and Marwan Bassiouni. Both artists have their roots in Islamic and Arab cultures; Akdeniz was born in Turkey and Bassiouni’s father had the Egyptian nationality. Both countries belong to the so called “Orient,” a designation for countries in the near and far east about which Europeans have long held […]


Frontspace: TK 15223

Ultramarine blue is recognized as one of the most eminent colors in the history of painting. Although it has been widely available since 1826 due to the discovery of synthetic ultramarine, its specific color experience has long been inextricably linked to the rare and precious lapis lazuli stone from Sar-e-Sang. These mines in what is […]


Art Antwerp

For the first edition of Art Antwerp Dürst Britt & Mayhew is proud to present a solo exhibition by Dutch artist Jacqueline de Jong (1939). The presentation at Art Antwerp focuses on works from the 1990s and specifically on works made on sailcloth and panel. Working on sailcloth started with a commission for a branch of […]