18 Apr 2015 - 23 May 2015

The artistic practice of Lennart Lahuis concerns itself with the suspension of visual information. For his recent series of works the artist collected reproductions that come standard with picture frames and serve as an example to the buyer. Many of these interchangeable picture frames contain cliché images of models, sunsets and cityscapes, but also reproductions of famous artworks. These images are disposable and destined to be thrown away the minute the buyer puts a photograph of their own choice inside the frame. Lennart Lahuis searches out examples that intrigue by their sheer oddity or sense of disengagement, adding images of exotic figures or plain measurements. He subsequently magnifies the image, covers it with a glass plate, newspaper and beeswax, thereby rendering it practically unrecognizable. For the viewer this means having to slow down to gain access to the visual information on offer: casting a glance is not sufficient. Lennart Lahuis thus confronts us with the apparent interchangeability of images within our society and the active role we have in sustaining or changing this. Next to these particular works Lahuis will activate the space with his ongoing series of wet scene studies. The reflective surfaces of three large foilworks in the exhibition further mirror the viewer’s problematic navigation through visual data.



Click to read a specially commissioned conversation between Lennart Lahuis and Julia Geerlings.


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