Month: September 2015


The Milk of Paradise

Sybren Renema is drawn to the obscure corners of all forms of human discourse, with a particular liking for art, history, geographical exploration and the natural sciences. These different fascinations are often combined in the same work, highlighting a predilection for unconventional forms of knowledge-production as well as a sense of the absurd and the […]


The Others, Turin

For its first participation in The Others, in a former prison in Turin, Dürst Britt & Mayhew presented Sigh, an installation of works on paper by Dutch artist Paul Beumer. Paul Beumer’s painting practice oscillates freely between figuration and abstraction. His recent works on paper, made with watercolour and ink, bear a strong relation to the manifold spontaneous processes […]


Rules for Coyote

The work of Joseph Montgomery has the structure and syntax of sculpture, but it simultaneously has all the trappings of painting: wood, canvas, various types of coating and paint. The blurring and confounding of classification lends it a strange sense of hybridity. Montgomery’s expansion of abstract painting results in two distinctive types of painting: collages and […]


Unseen Amsterdam

In 2015, Dürst Britt & Mayhew took part in the Unseen Amsterdam Photo Fair, where the gallery exhibited work by Lennart Lahuis, Alexandre Lavet, Pieter Paul Pothoven and Sybren Renema.   Reviews and features NRC Handelsblad by Sandra Smallenburg Mister Motley by Lieneke Hulshof Collector Daily by Loring Knoblauch Trendbeheer by Johan Nieuwenhuize

deze deze

I won’t have the luxury of seeing scenes like this much longer

Paul Beumer’s painting practice oscillates freely between figuration and abstraction. His recent works, made with ink and watercolour, bear a strong relation to the manifold spontaneous processes happening in nature and its ever-changing scenes and colours. Just like one cannot predict the shapes of a cloud or the structures of semi-precious stones, Paul Beumer leaves […]


LOOP Barcelona

For its first participation in LOOP Fair Barcelona Dürst Britt & Mayhew is premiering the videowork Solitary Company by Puck Verkade. Solitary Company is a portrait of a remote island as seen through the eyes of its inhabitants. It was filmed in the micro-community of Hrisey, an island off the north coast of Iceland. Filming took […]


Amsterdam Art Fair

For the first edition of Amsterdam Art Fair Dürst Britt & Mayhew presents a solo presentation by Dutch artist Pieter Paul Pothoven, whose artistic practice concerns itself with the historic and social connotations of various valuable objects, ranging from lapis lazuli to ancient Egyptian mirrors. Pothoven mixes personal experience and first-hand research with historical information, which […]



The artistic practice of Lennart Lahuis concerns itself with the suspension of visual information. For his recent series of works the artist collected reproductions that come standard with picture frames and serve as an example to the buyer. Many of these interchangeable picture frames contain cliché images of models, sunsets and cityscapes, but also reproductions of […]


Poppositions, Brussels

For its first participation in Poppositions in Brussels Dürst Britt & Mayhew presents the work of French artist Alexandre Lavet. Alexandre Lavet’s work plays with the idea of emptiness, disappearance and erasure. Under the apparent homogeneity of an exhibition space lie the details that mark the uniqueness and specificity of the place. It is these […]